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As an artist trained in visual and graphic arts, my main focus has continuously resided in the decisive moment from the act of creation to realisation.
From my early academic collaborations until today, the close partnership with artists and accompanying them in their conceptual process has been the central focus of my work. During the past 15 years, the collaboration in the realisation of over a hundred exhibitions, artistic projects and works in the field of contemporary art have helped me develop a sensitive method, to translate the artistic idea into a body of work. Leading and overseeing projects at the interface of artists, institutions, curators and sponsors have further broadened my area of expertise and given me the capacity to work on an artistic project from start to finish.

+  administration and finances

+  staff management and HR

+  production

+  publication and project coordination

+  communication and public relation

+  event coordination

Atelier Karin Sander, Berlin, DE
Studio management

4.2010 – 9.2011

+  grant and subsidy applications for artistic project

+  production and exhibition design

+  inventory and archiving concept and their implementation

+  publication and project coordination

Freelance, Berlin, DE
Production and project management

1.2009 – 9.2014

+  coordination of 4 editions of the festival 

+  production and exhibition design

+  staff management and trainee counsellor

+  finance and administration

+  sponsoring and partners’ liaison

+  event coordination

+  communication and public relations 

+  publication coordination

+  crowdfunding campaign coordination

+  graphic design and documentation

+  initiation and development of the editions of the festival

+  competition for the new visual identity

Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography, Biel/Bienne, CH
General Coordination

4.2014 – 5.2017

VAV – Visual Arts (Diploma: Maarten de Reus and Albert Wulffers)

Foundation course (Mentor: Wim Kok)

9.1999 – 7.2003

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
Bachelor of Art and Design

8.2013 – 8.2015

Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, CH
Diploma of Advanced Studies in cultural management

Diploma thesis: 'Identification of the job market and networking custom of the cultural and creative sector in Switzerland'

+  Grant/contest/prize application for artistic project: redaction, budget and financing plan, dossiers assembly and graphic design, application and follow up, assessment and balance sheet

Sponsoring: research and solicitation, redaction, dossier  assembly and graphic design, application and follow up, assessment and balance sheet

+  Partners’ liaison: counterpart negotiation and implementation, contractual agreement

Sponsoring and grant/contest/prize application

+  Collaboration in the artistic process and project concept

+  Works in exhibition design range from installation concept to structure building, furniture design and signaletic

+  Production: planification and budgeting, technical and material expertise, installation instruction, quote request and negotiation, installation and dismantling, contracts, staff management, transport and custom

Production and exhibition design

+  Communication strategy and implementation

+  Concept and development: website, newsletter, social media, visual identity

+  Partners’ liaison: e.g. press, publisher, graphic designer, contributor, printer

+  Print and digital production management 

+  Marketing: product launch, production, pricing and sale

Communication and marketing
Documentation and archive

+  Image documentation

+  Archival concept: physical and digital

+  Inventory and document search

+  Database development

1.2007 – 12.2008

Studio Michel François, Brussels, BE
Project and production management

( 04 )

+  production

+  grant and subsidy applications for artistic project

+  partners’ liaison

technical staff management and hiring

+  publication coordination

+  inventory and archive

3.2005 – 12.2006

carlier | gebauer, Berlin, DE
Gallery assistant

+  art fair and gallery exhibition manager

+  artists’ liaison

+  production
+  registrar

+  graphic design and photographic documentation

+  administration  

+  communication and marketing

since 2007

+  edition of multiples and artist’s books

+  production and fabrication

+  participation in exhibitions and fairs

+  promotion and development

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